The three hour, 20 minute ad

Alfred shows how much time EnOcean's tech can save.

One of the products that wireless technology company EnOcean makes is a simple switch that can turn your lights on and off without being wired to your wall. Its installation time is under ten minutes, which pales in comparison to the hours it takes to wire a new switch the old-fashioned way. So, Montreal’s Alfred created an ad that shows just how much time it would normally take — all three hours and 20 minutes of it.

After a short intro, the star of the ad settles into his chair and shows just how many things can be done in that time. It might be hard to conceptualize how long that really is for an ad, so if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, we’ll give you the highlights. The actor spills coffee on his pants, sends them to the cleaner and gets them back, good as new. He orders, receives and eats a pizza. He fits in a power nap and a call with his mother. He sets up an elaborate celebration to commemorate finally reaching the end. And that’s only about a third of what he accomplishes.


Brand: EnOcean
Agency : Alfred
Creative Director: Jean-François Bernier
Art Director: Nicolas Rivard, JC Laniel
Copywriter: Martin Charron & Julien Remillard
Account Services: Fanny Richelet
Strategy: Sébastien Gagné, Vincent Leclerc
Production: Général Films
Post-production: Fly Studio
Sound: BLVD



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