Curated gifts at the click of a button

Giftagram makes gifting feel like a game.

screen shot 2016-02-01 at 9.27.02 pm

For those of us who don’t quite get the thrill of dashing from store-to-store or spending hours sifting through shopping sites (oh, and wrestling with wrapping paper) when purchasing a gift for someone, here is a solution. It’s called Giftagram and it’s everything a forgetful, time-starved person needs in their life.

The beautifully-designed app and its killer user experience provides a person with a curated selection of gifts to give just about anyone. You simply scroll through the Instagram-lookalike feed and “gift this” when you see something you think someone will like. The giftee will then receive a text or email notifying them of the gifter’s intentions to send a package. They accept and provide their preferred address. And if you’re thinking, “But then I don’t get to witness their surprise excitement when they rip open the box!” —¬†well, that’s what mobile cameras are there for. Let the recipient do some of the legwork for a change.