Is nature playing tricks on our eyes?

These objects aren't products of the earth, but they're still pretty neat.


There’s only one thing better than geometric design, and that’s geometric design in natural settings.

That’s why we’re in awe of Martin Hill’s images, which were created with a lot of behind-the-scenes work, as the artist builds and then strategically places these art pieces in magestic areas of the natural physical world. It’s his way of creating a discourse around the environment and “understanding our place in nature and the connection between our choices and the potential for human alignment with nature for a sustainable future,” Hill tells Ignant when talking about his work. We got a little excited at first thinking that the pieces existed instinctively in nature (the thought stirred the same level excitement we got when first learning about the Fibonacci sequence), but even though they’re as natural as crop circles, we still find every single one mesmerising in their own right.

martinhill_art_alpine-ice-cycle--1050x682 martinhill_art_anthropocene--1050x701 martinhill_art_autumn-leaf-circle--1050x700 martinhill_art_circle-of-circles-1050x700 martinhill_art_diamond-lake-ice-circle--1050x700 martinhill_art_embodied-1050x701 martinhill_art_ice-circle-1050x718 martinhill_art_interconnected-1050x701 martinhill_art_interwoven-world-2-1050x699 martinhill_art_rainforest-guardian--1050x696martinhill_art_sunrise-circle-1050x696 martinhill_art_-wetland-guardian--1050x700

Via Ignant

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