Colouring outside the lines

Purdy hits the streets to show the precision of its brushes.


The speckles of paint along the roof and floors of the university bedrooms we tried to brighten up a little are testament to the fact that painting accurately needs a bit more effort than laying down some tape and drop cloths. But Purdy thinks its paintbrushes can go a long way to helping that effort.

In New York, Deutsch used Purdy brushes to paint a billboard-sized rectangle a solid, bright yellow, except it did it on the regular side of the building instead of an actual out-of-home board. It might not seem like that impressive a feat until you look at the details, namely how it created a perfectly straight line across parts of a bike, ladder and trash bags that ventured into the space (plus one poor, hopefully fake pigeon).


But they didn’t stop there. In Cleveland, the agency did another execution to show how accurate Purdy’s paintbrushes are, using the brushes to paint the spaces between bricks to create a message you can read when you step back and admire the work (plus the fact that not a single drop landed “outside the lines,” so to speak).




Brand: Purdy
Agency: Deutsch
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Diversified Brands: Ian Gresham
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Creative Directors: Sam Shepherd, Frank Cartagena
Project Manager: Marea Grossman
Art Director: Ilana Wolstein
Art Director Intern: Sudarshan Waghmare
Copywriter: Fanny Josefsson
Copywriter Intern: Joy Chakravorty
Associate Design Director: Brian Gartside
Director of Print & Art Production: Sarah Manna
Designer: Belen La Rivera
Producer: Heather Black
Set Design: Latisha Duarte
Retoucher: Brian French
Editor: Aaron Schillinger
Group Account Director: Tyler Helms
Account Director: Lisa Chad
Account Supervisor: Mark Donohue