Opening the vault on cookie creation

Oreo gives us a peak inside where it gets its new flavours.


In New York yesterday, on a nondescript section of 18th Street, the scene you see above appeared on the door of a loading dock. It was the “Oreo Wonder Vault,” and was said to be the place where all of the new (and sometimes strange) Oreo flavours appear, like it’s a piece of magical equipment from the Wonka factory.


In the evening, the Oreo-shaped door opened for people who passed by, giving them a chance to get an individually-wrapped box with one the brand’s latest cookie, the Filled Cupcake Flavoured Oreo, fresh off the line and six days before it’s set to appear on shelves in the U.S. The company also released a bunch of facts about what goes on inside the “Wonder Vault” when curious eyes aren’t peering in, like that there are 50 prototype flavours inside at any given time or that it takes over a year to get new flavours perfect. While we’re assuming that probably happens in a lab at Mondelez HQ instead of a literal hole in the wall in New York, it’d be fun to see if more portals to the magical Wonder Vault pop up in other locations as new flavours come out in the future.




Brand: Oreo
Agency: Weber Shandwick