Sherlock turns your car into junk

Bleublancrouge shows how thieves see a protected car.


Automotive security company Sherlock uses a patented method that etches a distinct VIN (or marking point, as the company calls it) that is nearly impossible to remove on all the main components of your car. That means not only can your car be identified if a thief tries to do something like re-sell it, like the standard VIN, but it makes it almost immune to being deconstructed for parts in a chop shop, since any would-be thief would realize the parts are unsellable once they see one of the 52 marking points.

That’s the idea that Bleublancrouge tried to get across in these print ads for the brand, rendering all shapes and sizes of cars as dumpsters and trash cans. Sure, it looks like a car, but if all you care about is stealing and selling it, it might as well be a bag of junk on the side of the road.




Brand: Sherlock
Agency: Bleublancrouge
Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Art Director: Julien Herisson
Copywriter: Dom Bulmer
Photographer: Simon Duhamel / Consulat
3D: Geoffrey Skrajewski
Photo editing: Gabriel Carbonneau / Visual Box

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