Bose makes everything sound better

...apparently even your 140 character tweets.

Whether you have something naughty or nice to say about the Broncos or the Panthers, or simply feel like provoking your least favourite team’s fans, Bose is hoping to help fuel the rapture/rage and give you an epic rendition of your Super Bowl team compliments/criticism/general musings.

The brand (with the help of agency 360i) has launched the “#LetsHearIt” hashtag-driven campaign and is asking everyone who likes/loves/loathes football to tweet at the brand with the hashtag for the chance for their 140 characters or less to be turned into a musical rendition. They’ve got a recording studio (naturally) and have hired a selection of musicians to pump out new tweet tracks as they come in. You can see them on the brand’s Tumblr and Twitter page as they’re released, and maybe even dedicate one of your own.


Brand: Bose
Agency: 360i

Via Creativity Online


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