Creative colourings

Who says iPhone and paper can't live in harmony?


You can really get to know someone by following their daily/weekly/monthly picture posts on Instagram/Facebook. Usually this social window into their lives displays the typical snapshots of the food they like, the people they love, the places they go, etc. It’s pretty predictable (though still equally wonderful) across the board.

That’s what makes South African artist Anshuman Ghosh’s Instagram posts that much more spectacular. They’re not only artistically brilliant, with Ghosh composing shots with drawings on paper and his iPhone, but each and every one comes with a narrative about his life/thoughts/dreams. He’s a big fan of incorporating his cellular digital device into colourful pencilled doodles to share parts of his life with friends and acquaintances – such as how he’s pathetic at doing the dishes, or how his wife complains that his phone is filled with trash. You can view some of the fun pieces below, and for a more comprehensive look, follow his highly addictive feed here.

Via Fubiz

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