BMO reaches new heights

FCB makes an ATM only an NBA All-Star could love.

atm 3

You might scoff at this, but “tall people problems” is a thing. Ducking under door frames. Hitting our heads on the ceiling of our first basement apartment. And not being able to fit in some cabs. The NBA All-Star Game is coming to Toronto this weekend, which means the city is about to see an influx of very, very tall people, and BMO wanted to make their stay comfortable.

The bank is going to be running a mass campaign, created by FCB Toronto, for the game, but we’re most intrigued by this activation on the ground outside its branch at First Canadian Place. The same height as a regulation NBA net, the 10-foot tall ATM (placed next to a normal one, possibly for scale) is ready-made for all the players who are tired of crouching down to see the screen (although the Raptor’s own, 6’0” Kyle Lowry might be feeling a bit left out).


atm 1

(h/t Reddit for the second image)


Brand: BMO
Agency: FCB Toronto


Connie Stefaniewicz, Chief Marketing Officer
Justine Fedak SVP, Brand Advertising + Sponsorship
Jennifer Carli, Managing Director, Brand+Market Research
Deny Soto Director, Brand Advertising
Leisha Vanderkooy, Sr. Marketing Manager

FCB Toronto

Jon Flannery, Chief Creative Officer
Shelley Brown, Chief Strategy Officer
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, VP Creative Director
Jeff Hilts, VP Creative Director
Tracy Little ,VP, Group Account Director
Ravi Singh, Account Director
Carmen Steger, Account Manager
Jeremiah McNama, Associate Creative Director
Andrew MacPhee, Associate Creative Director
Lindsay Hann, Project Manager
Sumit Ajwani, Integrated Producer