Bringing the Quesalupa to the masses

Taco Bell invaded regional ads during the Super Bowl.

One of the worst-kept secrets heading into the Super Bowl was Taco Bell’s Quesalupa. Although the brand was teasing a huge new surprise that would be revealed during its ad, the fact that the Quesalupa had been tested in select U.S. markets for the past several months made it easy for many people to connect the dots. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a few, smaller surprises lined up.

Although most of the attention during the Super Bowl goes to the big-budget national ads, a percentage of airtime is reserved for local advertisers in each region. So the company and agency Deutsch reached out to a handful of these local businesses and got them to feature the Quesalupa in cameo experiences, echoing the conceit of the national spot that the fried Mexican monstrosity is so big, it’s invading other ads. Though some of them are a bit over the top (we’re looking at you, Texas Law Hawk), we’ve been assured these are actual businesses and they aren’t that out of line with the cringe-worthy spots you’d expect to see from a typical mom-and-pop furniture store or car dealership.

Lawyer Bryan Wilson (Fort Worth, Texas)

The Auto Connection (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Comedian Fancy Ray/Treehouse Records (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Mr. Appliance (Eugene, Oregon)

Norton Furniture (Cleveland, Ohio)


Brand: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch