Red Lion fluffs up a conflicting cushion

A pillow that's made for talking and/or fighting this Valentine's Day.


Red Lion loves good word play.

If you look closely at it’s logo, the words Red and Lion can be read both forward and backward. So it makes sense that the Toronto shop would use a similar neat trick on gifts for clients this Valentine’s Day. To help them celebrate the day of love with their loved ones, the shop produced a bunch of red (naturally) cushions with the words “Pillow Talk” on one side, and “Pillow Fight” on the other. So, basically, what they’re trying to say is “Have a Happy Valentine’s no matter how it turns out.”

“We were talking about Valentine’s Day in the office and everyone seemed to have different stories, some were fun and romantic and others were less so and more about the pressure of the day and things that went wrong,” said Matt Litzinger, president and CCO of the shop. “I think we liked the idea that Valentine’s Day seems to be a role of the diceā€¦so the team went with that.”