Valentine’s Day gift tip: Soppy, A Love Story

A comical comic book that relationship lifers can relate to.


Being in a long-term relationship can sometimes mean Valentine’s Day feels like more of an obligation than a celebration. But Soppy: A Love Story by U.K.-based animator Philippa Rice does a perfect job of illustrating all the best parts of being in a couple.

The 112-page book is a collection of comics, which in very few words (and sometimes none at all), illustrates the story of Rice’s own relationship, showing that first moment when you realize you’ve spent a whole entire day together, consolidating stuff (and matching décor styles) and eventually being able to exist in comfortable silence from time to time. It can bring both laughter and tears and is likely to give most people a “That’s just like us!” moment.

And as someone who recently gifted this book, I can tell you that it’s a winner in the reactions department.




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