All the little things that make coupledom great

Quirks that only long-term couples can claim.


We trust your Valentine’s Day weekend with your loved one(s) was as magical as unicorns (even if all you had was kitty to cuddle up to —┬áthat sounds equally as delightful). In an effort to maintain the focus on love, here is a selection of images by artists┬áKatherine Lee and Jason Cheng. They reveal “All Little Things” that make a long-term relationship worthwhile. From the more obscure things you do, like playing amateur acrobats, to the more mundane, like grocery shopping (while carrying your lady on your shoulders, because that’s the gentlemanly thing to do). The illustrations remind us of Soppy: a Love Story, which we shared with you last week right before V Day, except they’re just a little less overt in their views on coupledom and the cliches that make it great.

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Via Design Taxi