An Airbnb room with an artistic twist

Ever wonder what it's like to sleep in a Van Gogh painting?



Trend alert: there seems to be a recurring fascination (or obsession, whatever you want to call it) around recreating scenes/locations from books, movies, shows and, now, art. In Toronto alone, we’ve had Ferris Bueller’s room come to life at the Gladstone Hotel, and soon, city folks will be able to visit that famous coffee house where six Friends liked to frequent.

But what we’re most impressed by is this room recreation by an artist on Airbnb. The detail in the room, which is meant to be Vincent Van Gogh’s room in France, makes it appear almost unreal. It carries the same post-impressionist style in the painting he created of the room, as the designer painted every piece of furniture with contours in order to make it appear just like the canvas painting, according to Fubiz. If we could stand being in the topsy-turvy room for more than five minutes, without getting woozy from the illusion, we’d booked the room for tonight (and who wouldn’t at only $10 per/night’s stay!).

airbnbvangogh-5-900x600 airbnbvangogh-4-900x600 airbnbvangogh-3-900x600 airbnbvangogh-2-900x600