Fancy a rain protector designed by your favourite artist?

Pluvio umbrella is contemporary art meets nylon taffeta.


Who says umbrellas need to just be about keeping you dry? Now they can be about making you look good, too. At least that’s what Jonathan Bonder and his newly launched company are trying to do.

Pluvio is an umbrella company that uses designs from curated artists around the world. The colourful and wild designs come from artists based in places ranging from Texas to London to Moscow, and they’re all being sold in limited editions (200, in fact). Bonder, who is originally from Toronto and a former sound designer for TV, film and commercials, moved his base to Vancouver where he launched the new passion project earlier this year (a fitting location for someone looking to keep people dry, one slick-looking umbrella at a time).

To launch Pluvio, artist Lev Yilmaz created the video, “A Pluvio Umbrella Tale.”

Below is a list of current featured artists and their designs:

Alex Pardee (California) – Nightmare
Ami Vitale (Montana) – Haiti: Beauty vs. Poverty
Chuck Anderson (Chicago) – Night Vision
Illustrated Ink (Texas) – Skullerfly Beauties
Ramon Bruin (Netherlands) – Hold On
The London Police (London) – 5 Dogs Called Barry
Sasha Unisex (Moscow) – Frisky Fox

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