Seven days of unboxing the Samsung Galaxy

One phone, six individuals and a whole lot of unwrapping.

screen shot 2016-02-15 at 8.53.15 pm
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And it appears that Samsung concurs, because it just got a 5-year-old tyke to draw an image of its yet-to-be-released Galaxy smartphone after he took a quick peek at it for 30 seconds.

The “Seven Days of Unboxing” event is exactly how it sounds. There will be seven days of six people/animals of various ages and backgrounds unboxing the new device and then jotting down their first impressions on paper. Of course, the little guy in the video below can’t write just yet, so he drew his thoughts (we’re still not quite sure what his drawing is, but it certainly does look magical). And ironically, so the did the next subject on the second day (see video below).

Adam Fors, Samsung’s Nordic head of marketing, explained that the company couldn’t reveal the product on a mass scale too soon before it’s launch, so the team and its agency DDB Stockholm decided to tease a select few with a peek and “then let them tell the world what they see” — which takes the word-of-mouth tactic to a whole new level.

You can follow the unboxing as it takes place for the next week right here, and the official unpacking of the next Galaxy will take place in Barcelona on February 21.


Brand: Samsung Nordic
Agency: DDB Stockholm
Art Director: Joel Ekstrand
Copywriter: Nick Christiansen
Agency Producer: Mattias Coldén
Account Manager: Susanne Ytterlid
Account Director: Christian Westelindh
Digital Director: Andreas Fabbe
Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz
Business Director: Jacob Sandström


Production Company: Acne

Director: Anders Jedenfors