A very homey rest stop

Sodimac Homecentre essentially just created a motel for cars.

Driving while fatigued might not seem as immediately dangerous as driving while drunk or texting, but risking falling asleep behind the wheel puts just as many lives at risk. That is no more true than in Peru, where one in three road accidents is attributed to driver fatigue, and where rest stops are nearly non-existent. Sodimac Homecentre, a building and interior decorating retailer in Peru, took to what it knows best to help combat the issue.

Finding that billboards were placed near roadside spaces where drivers were pulling over to take a break from driving, the company built its own rest stops under them, refurbishing the billboards into cosy garages to flag tired drivers down. Though the stops look like simple garages from the outside, the store decked them out to feel more like what their bedroom might look like at home, complete with a warm cup of coffee once they woke up from their nap.

It’s also a nice change of pace to have a safe driving campaign that doesn’t scare us into changing drivers’ (admittedly potentially fatal) behaviour, but creates something that actually helps us be safer.


Brand: Sodimac Homecentre
Agency: McCann Lima
CCO: Mauricio Fernández Maldonado/ Nicolás Romanó/ Christian Caldwell
Creative Directors: Jomi Rivera / Erick Galván
Copywriters: Alvaro Soto
Art Director: Kevin Contreras
Graphic Designer: Luis Veliz
CEO: Max Gutierrez
Account VP: Andrea Roselló
Account Director: Mirjana Slavkovic
Account Executive: Daphne Kizner
Account Assistant: Sandra Velasquez
Strategic Planner: Alessandra Noceda
Production: Carla Dextre
Production House: Saturno
Post Production House: Highend
Audio House: Audiosuite
Media Agency: Starcom
Billboard Implementation: Petty