Measuring the white stuff

Cossette uses McCafe drinks to deliver a real-time snow report.

snow report_2

McDonald’s is trying to offer something to skiiers and snowboarders in B.C. besides a hot drink to warm them up after getting off the slopes. Created by Cossette’s Vancouver office, the above billboard not only gives drivers on Highway 99 en route to the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort the most recent snowfall measurements from the mountain, but features a changing photo of one of McCafe’s espresso-based drinks with the foam or whipped cream level that best matches the snow report.

Cossette isn’t a stranger to pulling environmental data to drive its OOH work with McDonald’s. The “McMuffin Sunrise” had an egg McMuffin mimic the movement of the sun over the horizon based on what time sunrise was set for that day, and it helped commuters cool off in the summer of 2014 with shades that closed in a transit shelter (and revealed an ad for its peach smoothie) when the sun got too bright.


Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: Cossette
Executive Creative Director: Michael Milardo
Associate Creative Director: Scott Schneider
Art Director: George Lin
Copywriter: Matt Mitchell
Director of Account Services: Anne Buch
Account Director: Melissa Guillergan
Account Supervisor: Lindy Scott
Producer: Chris Townsend