Loud and clear

Extreme helps Students NS show the true meaning of consent.

student ns consent poster

The poster you see above is a follow-up to the last “More Than Yes” campaign┬áHalifax agency Extreme created in 2014 for Students NS, an alliance of post-secondary student associations in the province, which featured tiny versions of words like “fine” and “okay” in the middle of the poster to show that a partner must be loud, clear and 100% into it in order to give consent to sex; otherwise, it’s not sex, it’s sexual assault.

This new poster maintains the “if it’s not loud and clear, it’s not sex” message of the previous campaign, something that students (and, frankly, many grown adults) sadly don’t always seem to understand. But opting to show one guy on his own because he didn’t get consent this time around really places more emphasis on the fact that, as much as rape culture is a societal problem, the responsibility is just as much on the shoulders of individuals.


Brand: Students Nova Scotia
Agency: Extreme Group
Creative Director: Shawn King
Art Director: Jeff Simpson
Copywriter: Jeff Middleton
Account Executive: Patrick Jerrett
Photographer: James Ingram

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