Vancouver Art Gallery gets mashed up

123w shows what a new exhibition is about without showing any art.

With 371 works by 156 aritsts, “MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture” is set to be the Vancouver Art Gallery’s biggest exhibition ever. To promote the show, which focuses on the ways artists have combined different elements, styles and objects to create their work and shape modern art and culture is created today, 123w created a video that communicates just how connected all these different artists are without showing a single piece of their art.

It starts when the two subjects begin describing the works of Pablo Picasso and Hannah Höch, respectively, and what made their work so great, but their images slowly move closer together as the things they say about each artist become more and more similar, eventually “mashing up” themselves.

The campaign also features a radio ad which takes a slightly different approach, mashing up pieces of audio from famous speeches, songs, entertainment and even a vintage commercial by the exhibition’s presenting sponsor The Keg, to deliver its message.



Brand: Vancouver Art Gallery
Agency: 123w