We’re sorry about all that bacon

Little Caesars owns up to an annoying social stunt.

We probably owe some of you an apology if you follow Stimulant on Twitter. See, Little Caesars pizza re-launched its “pizza timeline” app last week, and we just had to try it out. To show how much bacon (three and a half feet, geez) it wraps its returning Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza in, the app tweets out a photo of every single inch of it from your account. These aren’t all the tweets, but you get the idea.





We feel bad for clogging your timelines with this silly thing, if only there were someone to blame it on…


Oh, thanks Chet! Perhaps recognizing how irritating the pizza timeline was when they first did it last year, agency Barton F. Graf had Little Caesars corporate scapegoat Chet take the blame for it in a video that you’ll see if you investigate the pizza timeline a bit further. It’s part of a platform launched earlier this month where Chet not only shoulders the blame for taking the Bacon-Wrapped pizza off the menu in the first place, but for you always being on your phone, being late or sending notifications for Facebook games in video messages you can send to friends and family.


Brand: Little Caesars
Agency: Barton F. Graf