How’s Your Day?

Rate your daily happiness and become a bubbly ball of positivity.

We track our sleep, heart rate, steps, the calories we consume and almost every other activity pertaining to our physical well-being that’s under the sun. But what about our mental state? Shouldn’t there be an app or device that tells us how we’re coping upstairs in the recesses of our mind? Well now there is.

It’s called “How’s Your Day?” and it is essentially a diary for people to track how they feel every day and challenge themselves to make small lifestyle changes that will, over time, improve their happiness levels. And don’t worry, the app (which was created by U.K.- and U.S.-based digital agency We Make Awesome will be with you every step of the way as it provides handy tips on how to lift said mood (which is better than having a calorie app shame us for going over our goal without offering any helpful advice as to how to stop our hand from reaching for a second slice of birthday cake).

Via Strands of Stolen Genius [A Product of Genius Steals]

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