Virtuali-Tee takes a peek at your friends’ organs

X-ray vision is no longer a thing of comic books and superhero films.


Laminated posters and textbooks. That’s all we needed to learn about the anatomy of our bodies. We can still picture the cross-section of the human torso, and how we’d stare at the animations to make sense of it all. We never really cringed at the 2D drawings on paper and poster, but we don’t think that would be the case if we were kids today — especially now that there’s a technology that can allow anyone to see a 3D representation of the bits and pieces sitting inside any given person at any given time.

Curioscope is about to launch itsĀ Virtuali-Tee on Kickstarter in just a few hours. The t-shirt and app requires a VR headset and allows anyone to take a peek inside the body of a person wearing the Virtuali-Tee (ten points for the pun-tastic name, by the way). Essentially, the technology gives you the power of x-ray vision and is hoping to get kids (and grown ups like this Stim writer) excited to learn about the human body through the interactive educational tool.