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Ubisoft imagines a global collapse (and guess what? You're the cause).

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an upcoming Ubisoft video game that allows a player to take control of an elite combat unit when society collapses after a global virus outbreak. Agency BETC Paris created the game to show how fast such a situation could come about, as well as how the blame for the collapse can be put squarely on our shoulders.

Ubisoft and the agency created “Collapse,” an interactive game that’s meant to promote Tom Clancy’s The Division. Using the online platform, you can enter your address and become “patient zero” of a global pandemic, charting your course from initial sickness to infecting the city to the eventual downfall of basic infrastructure and global society as a whole. You’re pretty much locked in your decisions; at some point, you will have to go to places like a hospital, a grocery store and even an airport to skip town. By using your address, you’re able to decide exactly which hospital, pharmacy or relief shelter you go to, with their capacities, nearby population density and travel time between locations having an impact on how many people get infected along the way. If you don’t have time to simulate your role in a super-depressing doomsday scenario, you can watch a London walkthrough of the game below.

Starting from the Stim offices on our first play-through, the world reached final collapse in just over 25 days and infected 1.5 billion people, 628.5 million of whom had already died from their illness (we tried flying somewhere remote to stem the tide, but it didn’t seem to help. Sorry, Sudbury). Though the decisions are fixed, you’re free to try the game again to see if you can change your stats (whether you want to kill more or less people probably depends on the kind of person you are) and each time, you’re given a chart that lets you compare your stats and when you reach certain game milestones with other players. The end screen also directs you to a trailer for The Division (a game that puts you in a similar situation as “Collapse”) then asks, “but what if you had a gun?”


Brand: Ubisoft
Agency: BETC Paris

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