President’s Choice takes us around the world

Do you know where your bagel comes from?

Watching these new President’s Choice food-drenched spots mere minutes before the lunch bell rings will probably drive you up the wall. You’re probably going to salivate uncontrollably over your keyboard (as we have begun to do so ourselves) with little escape. So we apologize in advance.

Instead of just focusing on delicious product shots of the food the label so proudly stocks, it decided to also give viewers a bit of a history lesson on the origins of some items. For instance, the PC Power Fruit Skyr yogurt: this puppy originally came from Norway when it was shipped to Iceland more than a thousand years ago, which the brand makes prominent note of in the spot. Other goodies in the spots below include bagels that trekked from Poland to New York (and eventually President’s Choice shelves), as well as a dip from the Middle East (remember, you’re probably going to drool).