Donate reminders of your ex to this museum

One person's emotional baggage is this museum's prized art.

There are two ways to go about getting rid of the mix tapes, rotting roses and love letters that are gathering dust in a shoebox:

1) You can perform a cleansing burning ritual with two girlfriends and almost burn the apartment down (with the perks of meeting some hot firemen after), or

2) You can donate the things that remind you of your, perhaps unfaithful, mean ex, to a museum for thousands of people to analyse and muse over your relationship pains. Both sound pretty tempting, right?

Well, if you decide to go with the latter, here’s all the information you’ll need — if you go to this website, you can donate any and every artifact that reminds you of a painful experience (and not only that of an ex; memories of broken friendships, dreams and even cities are welcome, too) to put in the Museum of Broken Relationships exhibit in L.A. The concept is originally from Croatia, and while the first edition of the exhibit will contain 70 pieces from the original European show, it will also include another 30 items from broken Angeleno hearts.

Via Apartment Therapy