Zulu Alpha Kilo’s unconventional hub

The agency's new website is unlike any other. Also, it's totally fake.

zulu 1

Never has there been an agency website so basic than Zulu Alpha Kilo’s. Truth be told, we’re not even sure if we can call it a website. It was more like a computer screen wallpaper, with a bright, white image of a boardroom table and just the agency’s name. No address. No phone number. Nada.

They’ve certainly grown tired of the “less is more” formula, because yesterday, while we were all still sleeping/commuting, the creative shop launched a new website that, well, seems to be on the complete opposite end of the weird spectrum. The new site is a farcical tangle of faux info, and we kinda love it.

In a parody video on the site (and which you can view below), you’ll get to listen to the ridiculous ramblings of Zulu’s fictional co-founders (with equally ridiculous titles) such as chief executive, executive officer Frank Zulu, ultra chief creative director officer Marcus Alpha and VP strategic strategy officer in charge of everything Katherine Kilo.

Also on the site, the agency lists why clients should choose them (they give 300% equally to creative, strategy and digital, while other shops give a mere 100%), they have a strategic process called Holist-i-think™, which includes focus group testing the best sandwich bread for catered meetings, as well as patented Super Buzzwords™, called The ZuluBuzz® (and a whole lot more nonsensical stuff).

Why in heaven’s name would they create a fictional site (you’re probably asking yourself)? Zak Mroueh, chief creative officer and founder explains: “Every agency website essentially says the same thing. So we decided to poke a little fun at the sameness of the industry with our mocku-site.” In a release, the agency says it’s letting out of “rebellious spirit” and is essentially “using the new site as a chance to create entertaining content, albeit fictional.”


Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Writer: Nick Asik, Jon Webber, George Ault, Kaidy Wong, Jon Taylor, Courtney Brown, Jerry Brens
Art Director: Omar Morson, Ari Elkouby, Jonathan Armstrong, Ryan Booth, Sherry Dubeau
Photographer: Jamie Morren
Accounts: Robyn Morrissey
Agency Producer: Ola Stodulska, Tara Handley
Production House: zulubot
Interactive Programming: Justo Tellez, Gillian Black
Interactive Producer: Ola Stodulska
Director: Zak Mroueh
D.O.P: Michael Headford
Video Post Facility / Editing Company: zulubot
Editor: Michael Headford

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