Gratitude on the ice

A&W thanks us for voting it best-tasting burger with some icy tricks.

A&W was recently voted Canada’s best-tasting fast food hamburger resto in BrandSpark’s annual Best Restaurant survey, so it created a video where the restaurant chain’s spokesman Allen thanks Canadians for the honour in a pre-roll-length speech, before giving everyone a bit of a show.

This video is more or less in line with a couple¬†other¬†recent videos A&W has made that reward viewers for sticking around after the “skip ad” button pops up on their video player, but the restaurant has also made a couple of others that are a bit more straight forward (although you do eventually get to see just how dedicated poor Allen is if you get to the end of this next one).


Brand: A&W
Agency: Rethink
Director of Photography: Philip Lanyon