When finances get you hot under the collar

Mogo uses innuendo to promote its lending service.


Mogo is a financial services company that lends money to those with income and credit levels that will likely lead to them being rejected by big banks. It’s also said it wants to be “the Uber of banking,” and these ads look to put the company on track to ruffling some feathers, just as the ride-sharing service has.

As part of a recently-announced partnership with Postmedia, Mogo created a series of ads that look like they’re from a sexual education campaign for young people, except replacing questions about how sex works with ones about credit scores and debt. While it’s not much racier than what we might expect from a sexual education campaign, the notoriously straight-laced readers of some Postmedia papers took notice (which is, we assume, what Mogo was going for in the first place).



Brand: Mogo