Gale says it’s time to let go

How this agency killed the "Hamburger Menu" in one fell swoop.
hamburger menu

So, apparently, the internet has a love-hate relationship with the “Hamburger Menu.”

You know what we’re talking about. It’s those three little lines you can find on almost every website and app (from YouTube to Snapchat) that have one simple function and that’s to help visitors navigate a site. TechCrunch calls it “the devil” and wants it’s pretty little “inefficient” head on the chopping block. There’s even a site dedicated to “Why and How to Avoid Hamburger Menus.” Yet, they’re everywhere.

Digital marketing agency Gale is in the “kill” camp of the argument and instead of just sitting around grumbling about the decades-old tool (it was invented in the 1980s), it decided to do something about it. The shop brought its smartest folks together to brainstorm ways to revolutionize the bar for good. It was a tireless effort, but they finally came up with a solution –┬áit’s called the Hot Dog Menu and it’s exactly how it sounds. But better.