A helmet that acts like an umbrella

Morpher is a nifty head protector that pretty much folds flat.


There are few things worse than having to lug a clunky, dorky bike helmet into a bar on a Friday night. It seriously throws off your entire outfit.

That’s just one of the reasons we like the Morpher helmet so much. Not only is it 100% recyclable (this deserves a high-five), but it can easily collapse and fold into a tiny, less round, more stick-like version of itself, much like an umbrella. As of today, the helmet is being targeted toward cyclists, but the company hopes that one day it will broaden its horizons and hit the skiing, snowboarding, hockey and even horse-riding markets as well. It’s even seriously considering selling the piece in vending machines. That’s right, we’ll have one Kit-Kat and a collapsible helmet to go.