Knocki breathes life into tables and walls

Brew coffee, text, change channels and more just by knocking.

knocki 2

Knock once to lock the house, twice for a cup of coffee.

Imagine a world where any surface (table, wall or door) in your home can be connected to a device/fixture/appliance and can be switched on or opened with just a simple knock, knock. Now imagine you’re not in the year 2098, and you’re back in present day where a device called Knocki¬†exists and does just that.

The clever little thing kind of looks like a Nest, in that it floats on a wall and has a round, simple and clean look, but Knocki does more than control the temperature or alarm system in a home. It can do a range of tasks, including, but not limited to, turning a coffee machine on in the kitchen, lock the house, shuffle music, switch a TV on/off, find your phone and text for emergency. It’s as easy and entertaining as a knock, knock joke (and who doesn’t enjoy those?).

knocki 1 knocki 3