Showgo puts the world in your living room

Never binge-watch a TV show alone again.

Some people (particularity the talkative ones who love to vocally dissect a show from start to end) don’t have the luxury of having a TV partner-in-viewing-crime every time they watch a show. Maybe their room mate is out having a life, they live alone or their significant other is working late that night. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter anymore. In fact, you probably won’t care to watch another show with a physical human being in real-time again if this app is as effective as it sounds.

The Showgo app is a place where the entire world (or at least multitasking pros who can watch and type at the same time) can come together to watch a show. Not in real-time, though (Netflix did a real number on the traditional viewing model), but rather in your own time and in a way that makes it feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend, or even stranger, at that very moment. It works like this: you jump on the app, choose a show that’s listed in the Showgo’s directory of ones with recorded conversations, and then watch and periodically (but more like obsessively) check your phone for comments.

The app is able to sync to the streaming device connected to your TV and listen/detect exactly where you are in the show. Comments from people who have watched the same episode, but at another time, and who have left their thoughts/frustrations/commentary will then pop up for you to see at the exact same point in the show that they were left. That means no spoilers, and a guilt-free feeling of being able to binge (because others are doing it with you, so it’s fair game, right?).