Are curvy models too hot for TV?

A "rejected" Lane Bryant ad is causing a stir.

Plus-size women’s retailer Lane Bryant is causing a stir over an ad it says U.S. broadcasters ABC and NBC is refusing to air.

The ad features numerous models, including Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham, in various levels of dresses, from workout gear and dresses to lingerie and full-on (though complexity tasteful) nudity.

For what it’s worth, NBC has said that it didn’t “ban” the ad, merely sent back notes on editing as part of a regular review, but the retailer is saying it refuses to edit the spot, because it says the spot does a better job of truly representing body diversity. ABC has yet to comment to any outlet that has reached out.

On the one hand, we can see why a network might take issue with models in a pose that just barely covers a nipple or shows a woman breast feeding (although peoples’ hang-ups regarding the “indecency” of both of those is another story altogether). On the other hand, and this is what the fuss is really about, is anything in the ad really any more racy than your typical Victoria’s Secret or Carl’s Jr. ad? Even if Lane Bryant submitted the ad knowing it would get rejected (a fairly common tactic to get edgy points by being able to see their spots are “too hot for TV”), the fact that they were able to do so is a pretty big statement about body standards in mass media, orchestrated or not.


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