Free the kids

Persil just made a frightening discovery. Apparently, criminals behind bars get more fresh air than kids.
free kids 1

Scary thought. Children spendĀ lessĀ time outdoors in the open air than criminals.

On average, kids only get about an hour of outside time each day (come to think of it, so do we, which we’re starting to freak out about, just a little), while men behind bars get double that. And if you think about it, those two hours are everything to someone who is locked in a cell all day. It’s their only saving grace, and it’s something they’d never give up for the world, according to this short film by laundry detergent Persil.

It’s pretty remarkable that a brand would think to create a film, featuring a handful of criminals in prison, talking about their “outside time,” all to sell clothing detergent. And if you think about it hard and long enough, it makes perfect sense. The message they’re trying to share is that “dirt is good” and kids should be mucking up the clothing on their backs more often so their parents can use the Persil detergent to clean up the mess. It’s a win-win. Big brand gets to sell product (with the added bonus of creating social impact), while moms get to have healthy (albeit stinky), happy kids.

Via AdWeek