More bang for your energy buck

Taxi helps BC Hydro offer tips to save energy (and dough) through fun and funky visuals.


We’ve been hearing tips about ways to conserve energy since the days when Sesame Street was our main source of information, but BC Hydro’s latest visualizes some more modern tips to make sure they really stick.

A follow-up to its “Offtober” campaign from last fall, the campaign (handled by Taxi) takes some of those energy-saving tips we’re always hearing about and visualizes them in a way that makes them more applicable to our day-to-day lives. Besides transit and radio ads, elements like the mobile ads on Instagram (seen up top) show how much less power we consume when we surf the Internet using our phones instead of our computers. Also, this video really drives home how long an energy-efficient bulb really lasts.

Over on the Powersmart website, the agency has also set up an interactive home that allows you to click around and find even more tips, as well as information about energy rebates and a chance to enter to win a Samsung entertainment system (which is Energy Star certified, naturally).


Brand: BC Hydro
Agency: Taxi



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