A holographic print ad

Porsche and Cramer-Krasselt create images that jump off the page (and they're surprisingly crisp).

On paper, a Porsche doesn’t look any more impressive than a typical sports car, so agency Cramer-Krasselt made a print ad that brings the new 911 model off the page and into our 3D world by allowing you to project it as a hologram.

When we say hologram, we don’t mean those cheesy little cards you’d get in a cereal box that changes the image when you turn it. The four-page spread (which is in the latest issue of Fast Company, if you’d like to track it down in real life) doesn’t look like anything special at first glance, but it comes with a simple piece of plastic that can be folded into a prism. By visiting a link to a specially-crafted video on a tablet and placing the prism on it, the images are projected as a hologram floating above the screen.

What this simple piece of plastic does for holograms is what Google Cardboard did for VR. Now that you no longer need expensive equipment to project a (surprisingly crisp) image in 3D, we’d be surprised if others don’t start finding their own ways to get these projectors into our consumer hands.


Brand: Porsche
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Chief Creative Officer: Marshall Ross
Group Creative Directors: Ned Brown, Bill Dow
Creative Director: Rick Standley
Senior Art Director: Brian Steinseifer
Art Director: John McKenzie
Copywriter: John Doessel
Executive Producer: Scott McBurnie
Print Production: Sharon Potter, Rene Camadeca
Group Account Director: Chris Hanley
Strategic Planning: Sarah Stahurski, Cara MacLean
Account Management: Julie Richardson, Christina Clark

Production House: Bent Image Lab
Executive Producer: Derrick Huang
Producer: Paul Diener
Director: Chase Massingill
Sound Designer: Drew Skinner
3-D Lead: Mike Senften
Design, Animation: Toros Kose
Compositing, Animation: Jeff Billon
Additional 3-D, Animation: Krysztof Pianko
Printer: Printing Arts

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