A mind-boggling interactive music video

Listen to Jeff Buckley while deciding the course of a story that can go a sexdecillion (that's 56 zeroes) different ways.

Jeff Buckley released only one full-length studio album before passing away in 1997, but that hasn’t stopped a series of posthumous releases comprised of demos, EPs and unreleased materials from slowly coming out over the years. The latest, You & I, was compiled from studio sessions in 1993 that mainly consisted of covers of other artists’ songs. But just because they’re covers doesn’t mean Buckley can’t make it all his own, something a new interactive video for his version of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman” proves.

The video, which debuted on Mashable earlier this week, was created by interactive video experts Interlude with help from UX consultancy Blind. After hitting play, different animated frames showing a young couple float by, which viewers can click to change the image and see their initial meeting, heartbreak, breakup and reunion as they see fit. The music changes as well, giving users the choice to add different instruments and vocal accompaniment along the way. All told, the same song could be listened to in 16,000 different combinations with the video being played out in a sexdecillion (that’s 56 zeroes) different ways.