Get a Betterful brand

McMillan is giving away a free rebrand to a local charity. And not just a logo redesign, but a year-long commitment.
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McMillan wants to help charities that do good, do even better.

The Ottawa-based agency is putting out some good karma into the world with a new platform called Betterful, which gifts local charities with a complete and strategic rebranding. It’s asking for local non-profits to contact the shop to state their case as to why they should be considered for the pro-bono work. They’re accepting applications until May 17 of this year, and plan to not only give the chosen charity a new logo or look, but commit itself to the organization for a full year — providing consultation and direction when it comes to building awareness and its brand. Call it a “McMillan Labour of Love” (actually, that’s exactly what they’re calling it).