See Quebec through the eyes of a blind man

Tourisme Quebec and Lg2's spot shows how even a man born without sight can appreciate the beauty of the province.


So there really is such a thing as blind love.

Tourisme Québec and Lg2 did something a little out of the ordinary to get people to think about visiting the province. It gave an American man, who has been blind since birth, the opportunity to feel, taste and hear the sights and sounds of Quebec. Danny Kean’s entire experience, from river rafting to hot air ballooning to shopping to enjoying a roller-coaster ride, was captured and cut into a central piece for the digital and social media-heavy campaign. What’s more, the agency also created an interactive experience to get two sides of the story: Kean’s viewpoint, as well as the perspective of his Quebec native guide — both of whom were complete strangers before they began their journey across the province.


Advertiser: Tourisme Québec
Agency: Lg2
Brand team: Sylvain Talbot, Elizabeth Manadili, Martin Hudon
Creative direction: Marc Fortin, Marilou Aubin, Katherine Melançon, Jennifer Varvaresso
CW and AD: Philippe Comeau
Campaign and interactive: Alexandre Jourdain, Jean-François Perreault, Philippe Comeau, Marie Eve Gosemick
Strategic planning: Sabrina Côté
User experience: Nicolas Baldovini, Geneviève Monette
Client services: Julie Dubé, Audrey Lefebvre, Nicolas Girault, Julia Lemyre-Cossette
Production agency team: Johanne Pelland, Julie Lorazo, Valérie Lapointe
Director: Matt Charland
Production agency: 1one – Jean-René Parenteau
Director of production: Simon Lebrun
Editing: Philippe Comeau, Étienne Bergeron, Matt Charland, Olivier Guimette
Post-production: 1one
Post-production coordinator: Nancy McDonald
Sound Studio/Engineer: 1one – Pierre-Olivier Rioux
Music: Apollo Mathieu Lafontaine
We Production: lg2fabrique
Media: Touché! – Sophie Labarre, Paul Rousseau