Handcuffing tyrants

Cossette helps Amnesty International put some world leaders where they belong.


Amnesty International Canada can’t actually arrest heads of state who’ve been known to sanction the mistreatment of their citizens, but this is the next best thing.

Agency partner Cossette took photos of three world leaders whose human rights records are spotty at best – Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad – and used zip ties to fasten them to fences, including one outside a Russian consulate. By placing the ties around the leaders’ hands, it appears as if they are being handcuffed, which, if Amnesty’s advocacy work is effective, could ideally happen some day.




Brand: Amnesty International
Agency: Cossette
Chief Creative Officer: Antoine Bécotte
Creative Director: Barbara Jacques
Copywriters: Eric Beaudin, Linda Dawe
Art Directors: Alex Jutras
Retoucher: René Lachapelle, Daniel Carrier
Additional Credits: Olivier Charbonneau, Mélissa Gilbert

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