30 years in the making

Canadian Tire's mullet-wearing spokesman goes back in time to predict the retailer's first digital flyer.
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.29.40 PM

Could Canadian Tire’s spokesman have predicted the digital flyer way back in 1986? And if so, did it really take him 30 years to make this “far out” idea finally work?

Okay, so we’re not totally buying the whole Back to the Future¬†schtick in the spot below, but it is true that the brand is embracing the 21st century with a newly-minted digital catalogue that’s completely interactive. As the spokesman mentions (way back in the crimped hair-loving 80s), the WOW Guide¬†can be explored via phone and computer, with tabs on 1,000 items (featured in the online mag and available to purchase at Canadian Tire) that a user can click to learn more about.

(Total side note: anyone else think they based the room and teenage spokesman in this spot on Ryan Reynold’s character and bedroom in the opening scene of Just Friends?)