Bring in the experts

Watch as Santa, a cow impersonator and even a baby give their verdict on Natrel's milk.
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If you’re someone like Santa Claus that’s been drinking milk your entire adult life (as part of your job, no less), you’d think you’d be able to tell the difference between regular and lactose-free milk, right?

It seems Natrel has milk-making down to a science, since its product, apparently, can fool even the most fool-proof milk experts like Claus, a cow impersonator, child, chef and even a baby. In a series of “taste test” spots (one master spot with all five moo-juice fanatics, as well as four individual vignettes with the characters in conversation with a brand researcher), Natrel attempts to get each of the respondents to pick one of two milk products as the one free of lactose. Is it as easy it sounds? Let’s just say the brand has about as much luck with a buttoned up baby as it does with a chatty Claus.


Brand: Natrel
Agency: Lg2