Pick your passion (project)

Bathing suits, umbrellas, tequila and more: you read about them, and now you can buy the side projects from Canadian creatives.

Passion Projects: you’ve read about them, ogled over them, and now you can buy them.

Next month, at strategy‘s AToMiC Awards in Toronto, stimulant will be hosting a live silent auction for attendees to bid on some of their favourite things created by creatives on the side. All of the proceeds will go to NABS, and there will be plenty pieces up for grabs. In fact, here is a sample of some of those things:

Sounds like a pretty sweet loot so far, right? Yes, but we’re still on the hunt for more.

So if you, a friend, or perhaps even a foe (you can put your hard feelings aside for a good cause, right?), have something that’s been created/painted/written/brewed/sewn/drawn/cooked/etc. on the side, send me a note at jhorn@brunico.com.

Now’s your chance to shine, and attract some good karma while you’re at it.

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