A visit from Aunt Flo

A trusty metaphor helps HelloFlo and U by Kotex be hilariously direct in their latest sketch about periods.
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HelloFlo started out as a sort of subscription box service for feminine hygiene products, but has since evolved into a viral branded content machine, with online articles on women’s health and a number of ads/online comedy sketches that have become notorious for ditching the clich├ęd metaphors of traditional tampon ads in favour of being boldly and hilariously direct.

The latest was created by a team of U.S.-based creatives that included ex-John St.ers Jacob Greer and Denver Eastman and was the first as part of a partnership with U by Kotex and Poise.

Even though the video embraces the “Aunt Flo” metaphor we’ve all heard before, it manages to do so for comedic effect instead of obscuring what the characters are talking about (the phrase “Niagara Falls of blood coming out of my vagina” comes up at one point) as they stress out about her being six days late for her visit, being over-eager for her to come by for the first time or leaving a woman on the brink of menopause for good. And it’s also nice to see women of all ages represented in HelloFlo’s videos, since its not just young people that can be confused about what’s going on with their body.


Brand: HelloFlo, U by Kotex, Poise
Director: Max Sherman
Copywriters: Jacob Greer, Chris Murphy
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Production Company: OPC
Producer: Isil Gilderdale
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan M. Boden, Liz Dussault
Director of Photography: Rob Scarborough
Production Designer: Zazu Meyers
Casting: Mann Casting, Wulf Casting
Editor: Melanie Hider, Saints Editorial
Audio: Grayson Matthews
Post: The Vanity