On the helipad at SickKids

A simple-yet-effective 360-degree video that really lets you feel the rushing wind of a helicopter landing.

We’ve been pretty vocal about how 360-degree video can fall flat sometimes. But an immersive video experience doesn’t have to be all fast action and racing horses through the snow¬†for to be effective. It just has to make you feel like you’re there.

Created internally by SickKids’ associate director of content Andrew Hart to highlight the relationship between the hospital and Ornge (a helicopter company which transports patients to emergency medical care through the skies to avoid dense urban traffic), this video puts you on the trusty helipad that sits on the hospital’s roof as you wait for an Ornge helicopter to land.

That’s it. And really, it’s all you need.

After looking around the empty rooftop, you do get a sense of what it’s like to be waiting to receive an air-lifted patient, right down to the shock when you begin looking around the skies for the helicopter and realize it’s right there, followed by a booming sound of the helicopter’s blades as it gets closer to landing. On the flip side, the sudden silence after it leaves is just as stark. It’s all over in about two minutes, but really, that’s all you need.