Relive the Apollo 17 mission in real time

Taxi's Ben Feist helps us live our astronaut dreams with real audio and footage from the last moon mission.


Despite the best efforts of the Elon Musks and Jeff Bezoses of the world, most of us will never get to outer space, let alone step foot on the moon. But thanks to some hard programming work and four years of sorting through public domain AV material, we can experience as realistic a version of the next best thing.

Created by Taxi’s VP of technology Ben Feist in honour of the 44th anniversary of the last manned mission to the moon, the “Apollo 17 Real-Time Mission Experience” uses real audio, transcripts, photos and videos to recreate every single second of what the people down in mission control were going through during the trip. That’s everything from the moments before liftoff and leaving the Earth’s orbit to actually walking on the moon and figuring out makeshift repairs to damaged equipment. While the more “pure” experience would be to live through every moment of the mission, you can skip through down time (like when the astronauts are sleeping or outside of communications range) and right to the moment when Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” plays to wake them up.

Though the project (now nominated for a Webby Award) officially launched on Dec. 7 to match the original launch date, it is on a continuous loop, so you can keep checking in (or start it from the beginning at your leisure) to relive the mission whenever you have a 12-day stretch where you want to play astronaut.

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