Breathing life into digital album art

The Tite Group brought excitement back to vinyl for last weekend's Record Store Day at Toronto's Sonic Boom.


This Saturday is Record Store Day, the one day a year when music nerds across the world are rewarded for their loyalty to their local independent record shop with exclusive releases, sales and special performances. One of the biggest selections of analog music in Toronto lives at Sonic Boom Records, and in honour of the occasion, it put a little flare into a bunch of albums its customers seem to already know and love.

The Tite Group, looking to make digital album art just as exciting as it was in days when you first cracked open a new album, looked at a list of the top-selling records at Sonic Boom last year and turned ten of them into cinemagraphs (a kind of GIF that is largely static except for a few small, subtle details of movement). Most of them are more subtle than Mr. Bowie up there (kudos on getting the detail of anisocoria in his eyes correct, by the way), so watch closely if you don’t notice at first. Here’s a couple of our favourites, but be sure to keep your eyes on Sonic Boom’s social channels if you want to see more (or head over to the agency’s blog right now if you just can’t wait).





Brand: Sonic Boom Records
Agency: The Tite Group