Avo’ good day

Is it food? Is it decoration? FoodDeco makes the delicious-tasting fruit look even more delicious.

avo 10

Hi everyone. My name is Jennifer, and I’m an avo’ addict. It’s true: I swear I almost turned green from the twice daily doses of the fatty fruit I ingested at one point. And I’m not the only one.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across these delectable images from FoodDeco. The recipe/restaurant blog is a hub for food that looks like, you guessed it, decor. Its owner,¬†Colette Dike from the Netherlands, wants to give people new ways to cook, but also the opportunity to make art for their supper table. This set of images is solely focused on the malleable and magnificent avocado, with Dike shaving and sculpting the fruit to make beautiful patterns (which are seriously working my saliva glands — this is dangerous territory for me if I’m serious about completing my Avocado Anonymous steps).

Via Fubiz

avo 13avo 3 avo 4 avo 5 avo 6 avo 7 avo 8 avo 9 avo 11 avo 12



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