Helping SickKids find a cure

Kraft Peanut Butter is a part of the peanut allergy problem, but now it also wants to be a part of the solution.
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Kraft Peanut Butter has gone where no (at least not to our recollection) nut-related brand has gone before. It’s facing one of its biggest business threats (peanut allegies) in the face and standing up for the kids who can’t eat its butter with a campaign that aims to help eradicate its enemy (and that of 300,000 Canadian kids) for good.

The legacy brand has partnered with SickKids in Toronto to get people to help the hospital find a cure in the next ten years. That’s how long the researchers and doctors and scientists over there believe it will take to get to the bottom of the epidemic.

The team has developed a digital campaign that features two spots that show super close-up shots of a boy and a girl appearing to be distressed and disturbed as a narrator talks about the issue of peanut allergies in Canada. She turns things around by revealing that “in only ten years” the problem could be solved by SickKids, and the spot opens up to a wide shot of what’s really bothering the kids: getting a haircut from mom and being told that play time is over by dad.

It doesn’t stop there, because if you go to the #InOnlyTenYears website, you’ll find sound bites and videos clips of the things kids with food allergies are afraid of. They’re not just afraid of a PB&J sandwich, they’re also afraid of the napkins that a diner may have left on the table for an unsuspecting kid to find. Some children can’t go to a baseball or hockey game ever, for fear of peanuts touching their skin. Teens have to ask their boyfriend or girlfriend if they ate sesame seeds that day before they can kiss them hello. And it goes on, and on…

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